Combat and magic

Magic exists and has existed in Jacmus Prime since it came into being.


To practice magic and combat successfully, you need to do a year apprenticeship
Successful magic requires not just talent but skill. Skill can only be gained with a teacher and practice.

Though magic begins as a gift, it is also a learned skill.

For a mage to be considered successful when using combat and magic, they must seek out a teacher from which to learn their skill.

Apprenticeships are to last a year.

If an apprenticeship fails, or is never formed then a character is considered stricken with malladi. Fellow players are able to roleplay as if the mage’s spells are failures.

Preparation of spells – combat and magic

In order for combat and magic to work, it must first be prepared.

Each spell requires at least one preparation line before the attack begins.

T2 and magic

For Type 2 (T2) combat, this preparation line must be seven (7) words long and proceeded with a: (for cheetachat), or a\ (for mIRC) in chat.

T1 and magic

Combat and magic - The Sorcerer meditates
The Sorcerer meditates. Combat and magic requires preparation.

When performing combat and magic and especially with Type 1 (T1), consideration should be given to using more preparation lines for spells that contain strength, and where the area of effect is considered to be of significant value.

A successful spell will take three turns minimum in combat

A spell must first be

(1) prepared?before it can be

(2) cast. After it is cast, it

(3) engages.

These are three distinct turns that are required for a spell to be successful.

Magic being used in combat requires preparation
A mage uses an artifact to prepare her spells for combat.