T1 (type one)

T1 (type one) is a type based on vivid narratives from the players to drive the story, creating combat written and described for the most pleasurable experience.

Type One - Attacking, Defending, Connecting
The three main components of Type One

Attacking in Type One

The idea of this fighting is to make it vivid. Do not overuse your vocabulary, though be descriptive.?Mention in which way your wound festers in mid-battle, and how it ails your ability.?Describe your hatred for your opponent, make your opponent and others feel as if they are in the midst of a life or death situation.

Type One turn based

The whole point of T1 Turn Based is to?create and tell a fare story.

T1 is turn based; you attack, your opponent defends.

You cannot connect as you can in T2, nor can you continue writing attack after attack after attack… a fight may last 30 minutes yet incorporate moves that would finish the job in just a quarter of that time.

T1 requires strategy and character prowess, not typing speed.



  • where you are attacking
  • what you are attacking with
  • how you are attacking

A character”s attack must be fluent and realistic. In your turn you may not leap up to a Rafter and fire an arrow. That is two turns that you couldn’t do, accurately, simultaneously.

Though perhaps you swung to your knee to evade a high punch and lashed out with your foot to trip them. If it can be done in one fluid motion, and you can describe it realistically, than you’re good to go.

Ixzion: swings his arms around though his grip on his dual-sword-staff beginning to slip, and he twists his hips for momentum when he dragged the blade down above DarkStar’s head.

Defending in T1

Type one - weapons
Weapons are useful in a fight and can give a character the advantage. If you find yourself without a traditional weapons, you can always improvise by using objects found in the character’s environment.

These are the requirements for defending, although you have a long amount of time [for there is no limit unless you want to set one up, which I do recommend before a good 1-on-1 battle] to type it up.



  • direction – [ left, right, forward, backwards, etc.]
  • action – [ roll, dive, step, walk, sprint, etc.]
  • what he / she is doing it with – [ body to dodge, weapon to block, etc.]

Your defense must be as fluent as an attack, if not more so. If something is possible to do in a realistic, fluent motion, then do so.

Defending is the greatest part of the battle, because it unconsciously is described in the best fashion, and simply the neatest to picture.

If you can counter attack in one turn, then I recommend it. Taking a simple hit in the side or a small gash may not hurt your character terribly, and if you trust the weapon to be clean of poison- then I recommend you take it and go in for an undodgeable hit [be creative].

DarkStar’s eyes widened when he rolled his crouched body over his shoulder and between the slender legs of a table. The blade colliding against the tabletop.

After DarkStar rolled beneath the table, there is no legitimate way that he can use his turn to attack now, because it wouldn’t be fluent and in the same motion. He may have attempted to kick him while he did a backward somersault, though that probably would’ve taken his leg off.

Connecting in T1

Yes, you can connect in battle using T1.

The idea of Force Hitting will take up a spare turn of Tusk”s attacking by simply inflicting damage on the poor broad to begin with. This is where the strategy of your attacking, your cornering, you making it impossible to dodge… pays off.

If Ixzion chops down at DarkStar”s head, and DarkStar jumps up…?The idea of him dodging now is impossible, and despite what he may say, Ixzion may cleave his head wide open.

Ixzion swung down, DarkStar jumped up. If an attack and defense are, direction wise, complete opposites of one another, and the defender is trapped, than feel free to unleash your fury.

Final Note

This does not mean you can use a giant fireball to trap everyone. Magics are just as complex, if not more so than melee fighting styles.

Type One turn based
Even when odds may seem stacked against your character, your character may decide to pick a fight for reasons other than winning.

Read the document on magic use for more information.