Guidelines for the wellbeing and enjoyment of RP

There are times when roleplay becomes all consuming. While it is a great way to escape into your creative mind, you’ll enjoy it longer if you

  • come up for air
  • relax your eyes
  • eat healthy
  • exercise
  • respect your sleeping patterns
Guidelines for roleplay - Take a break
Take a break

These guidelines are for the general well-being and enjoyment of play of all role players at Jacmus Prime.

Guidelines regarding OOC banter

Keep OOC banter to the OOC room. Staying in character is vital to the roleplaying experience. This should go without saying.?Loitering out of character is potentially poisonous for any game.

Play challenging but believable characters

No character is immortal, nor are they invincible. Every character can die.

Play a character that you are comfortable with, but challenges you daily.

Create a character that fits with the world of Jacmus Prime and its limitations.

Avoid crossing characters

In other words: what one of your character’s learn, can not be shared with other characters you may play.

The best advice to make roleplay more challenging, is to restrain yourself.

Interact with other players and their characters

  • Share stories and knowledge, explore the world together.
  • Use your private message boxes to talk about the roleplay.

General guidelines for participation in combat

Be combat aware.

If your character is attacked, you must respond. You can not choose to ignore the attack OOCly otherwise your character may end up dead.

By responding to an attack with the same style you may be?indicating your acceptance of that style.?Pause the roleplay. Discuss the style and if in you can not agree, use the default style.

Contribute to the game website

  • share your character’s stories
  • share your transcripts
  • talk about all things roleplay on the forums
  • contribute to the geofiction articles for other players’ enjoyment and use

Participate in roleplay

  • open a room
  • post on the forum
  • chat to other players
  • start a quest
  • join a campaign
  • invite someone new to roleplay with you

About technology and other roleplay games

No use of technology.. no guns, laser weapons, space suits….

Guidelines - No cowboys with guns
Cowboys with guns do not fit in with the Jacmus Prime themes

The genre is medieval fantasy.

Special considerations

Characters from other worlds are welcome to Jacmus Prime.

Magic from other worlds will not work at Jacmus.??Players must start learning and experiencing?magic from scratch. Jacmus is a different world with different laws.

  • No one character is capable of destroying the world.
  • Power gaming is best left out of the chat rooms and off forums.


Players have the right to choose who they roleplay with and whether they accept that person’s roleplaying.

If you don’t like another gamers method of play, then don’t roleplay with them.

Challenge yourself

Don’t give up enjoyable roleplay because of online personality clashes. Roleplay can be quite fun between two players who don’t get on!