Since the times when the Gods battled high over the fertile lands of Jacmus Prime, magic has been non-existent. The quintessence that fuels the various magics was brought to chaos as the celestial bodies of the Gods and Horsemen were slain, their essences coating the land, making it next to impossible for the creatures dwelling within the lands to grasp the weave.

It was once much an essential part of existence in the lands, yet people have learned to cope with it’s disappearance over the years.

It’s all about to change once more …….

Magic is changing
The use of magic is slowly changing

Magic revered and despised

Magic, one of the most revered and at the same time highly despised abilities in the Roleplay world. When magic is put to use in the right hands, it can make characters and plots spring to life with an unrivaled beauty. In the wrong hands however, it can become a devastating tool to ruin those very same ideals.

While the rules don’t truly say magic is only available to a limited end — part of what makes Jacmus Prime so great, is guidelines rather than a defined set of rules to limit the imagination of a player — nor do they say that a character has the capacity step up and attain God-like power. It is recommended that you keep powers and magics reasonable.

Magic - Sexy dark angel with the magical artifact
Players use tattoos, artifacts, gems and other objects or sources connected to the nature to tap into the magics that were dispersed in the Gods’ War.

So out of respect for a fellow roleplayer, try to keep powers and magics to a reasonable level. Though it’s hard to say when enough is enough, even as a player myself — as stories vary from person to person — chances are that players themselves will help you keep from going too overboard with them.

Magic and special campaign characters
Jacmus Prime campaigns use pre-planned and approved storylines with powerful characters that use magic to bring together groups of characters and their players for hours of fun.

If you receive many complaints as to the abilities of your character, perhaps it’s time to go back to drawing board and see what your imagination can create.