Roleplay – three easy steps to get started

Jacmus Prime RPG offers you a wide choice of fun roleplay activities.?You can choose to play on our forums or join in the fun in our chat rooms. It’s easy to get started.

RPG Create your own creatures
You can create your own creatures and have them displayed on the Jacmus Prime RPG website for other players to use.

You can actively participate in the construction of our roleplay world through

  • roleplay campaigns
  • roleplay quests
  • character blogs
  • character art
  • roleplay articles
  • forum group discussion
  • surveys
  • opinion polls
  • world building
    • content
    • maps
    • drawings
    • artwork

Getting started is as easy as 1, 2, 3

RPG Access Keyboard, monitor
To start roleplaying in Jacmus Prime you just need a computer and access to this website and the IRC server. We recommend play for 18 years and over as adult themes may prevail.

1. Register to join our Website

To get?user access to the website including our forums register as a player. When registering, you’ll be asked to nominate the areas where you’d like to participate.

Registered players can

  • post on the forum
  • comment on articles
  • join campaign groups
  • keep their own character blogs

Provide new information for our

  • world locations including shops, taverns, cottages
  • bestiary
  • fauna and flora encyclopedias
  • suggest updates to existing pages

2. Set up the IRC channel for chat roleplay

Jacmus Prime originally played in the CheetaChat servers. We have now established channels on IRC.

We recommend using mIRC to access IRC. ?You can download the program for one month free use. There is a small fee one time fee for ongoing use and updates which is paid directly to the programmer. There are other chat interfaces you can use to access IRC. mIRC and IRC are not affiliated with Jacmus Prime.

IRC Server: ?Foonetic ?(

Channel: #jacmusprime

3. Participate

Once you are registered for the website and joined the IRC channel, you are ready to go. Our website has guides about

  • roleplaying
  • the world of Jacmus Prime
  • useful roleplay tools to make your role-play enjoyable

You can find links to all the major sections through the menu. Alternatively, try our search feature.

Participation is the key to enjoying roleplay

When you receive your registration information, break the ice and come say “Hello” on the Out of Character Forums (OOC). Do not be afraid to ask for help if you need it. Our more experienced players are happy to give a hand.