Rocs are the largest bird in the known world. With a wingspan in excess of thirty feet and the ability to carry several grown men, the birds are one of the most reliable trackers around. The massive birds eyes can spot things from miles off. Rocs come in a variety of colors, from a light golden color to blue-black, usually sporting bright red plumage around the crest, head, and neck.

Though far from the fastest of the large birds, they are the most powerful. They can fly for up to three days without stopping for food or rest. The Rocs nest in caves, usually high up in coastal cliffs, since they prefer secured and usually unnoticed or unreachable places. They prefer to roost on high plateaus, though they will also roost in large trees or on a stone outcropping if nothing else is available.

Rocs mate for life and often mourn bitterly at the death of their mate, though they can occasionally be convinced to take another. Their chicks mature quickly at first, but it takes two years before they are strong enough to carry a rider safely. Their average life span may be increased if one is cared for and protected rightly. A healthy adult often lives for over a hundred years, serving several Riders during the course of its life.

The birds’?favorite food is fish, though they are omnivorous and feed on vegetation, especially wild grains, and small mammals as well.

The Rocs have just recently been spotted in Jacmus-Prime, having chosen a rider to mount one. When choosing a rider the Roc is very picky, watching for days on end the possible candidates before marking them; by means of a short attack, or a seemingly harmless ?accident?. The mark may be a signature, pattern, or a scar; often pertaining to the likeness of a Roc or something that stands out.

For now, ?there has just been one Roc spotted, the rest in hiding as they meet with the daring mounted Roc; to see if mortals, if any can prove their ability and worthiness to ride the skies. All that remains is for the one elf to prove himself so a lonely bird?

Their main predator is the Shrike. Mainly found upon the continents Finaru and Sargaso. Sargaso for their numerous and attractive mountains, suitable for roosting and still secluded from most all. ?Finaru for it?s promising lush land and forests.

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