In the snowy mountain peaks of Venuso, deep in the recesses of frozen rock, there rest forgotten lairs of the Ryken. These nests host the foulest, most ferocious birds that exist within Jacmus-Prime — evils that are best left alone. Do not let their appearance fool you. To the unknowing eye, they look to be simple ravens, with their beady eyes of ebony and their tranquil, ruffling feathers. Left alone, they might as well be; in the midst of battle, however, the difference cannot be denied.

The best course of action is to avoid these winged devils entirely. They travel in packs of upwards of a dozen birds; when they attack, they utilize perfect teamwork. They hit hard, hit constantly, and hit from every direction at once. Watching them tear prey apart is somewhat of a fascinating sight: It is a frenzied, fast-paced assault. It is almost beautiful in its preciseness and control.

If you find yourself threatened by a pack of Ryken at some point, focus on them one at a time. This is crucial. Concentrate on their attack pattern; learn when to hit, and where. Undoubtedly, one will receive grievous wounds in this, but it is the best path to take. Standing calmly, memorizing patterns, is better than frantically swiping at the air and getting ripped to shreds. Strike the birds down one by one; their attack is meant to be more disorienting than damaging. Above all, keep calm, if you are to survive.


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