Sandworms are a rare cold blooded creature that can be found in the deserts of Sargaso.

Burying deep beneath the sands, or lying in the hot sun, these worms can grow up to 600 feet long, with their body a diametre of about 1.5 metres when in a relaxed state.

Sand worms are not vegetarians, though they do swallow a large amount of sand and debris when borrowing beneath the sand.?This is almost instantaneously excreted creating huge hills of sand near to their dig.

The Dwarves of Sargaso capture and harness the sand worms, using them to dig large underground tunnels.

Capturing a sandworm is a tricky business. These rare creatures with their large sucking lips are endowed with five sharp eye teeth. The teeth make it easy for them tear and shred their food into smaller pieces. Often seen dining upon desert animals such as camels or llamas, the sandworm of Sargaso is not indiscriminate and will eat anything in its path.

Victims have little warning that a sand worm is near until the sand near by begins to collapse and a large hole appears. Usually within seconds of this hole appearing, the sand worm will burst through the opening, its large mouth snatching toward its prey.

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