Sargaso – a sunburnt country

The largest of the landmasses in Jacmus Prime, this barren land of rolling mountains was discovered by trading sea vessels hundreds of years prior to the New Era.

Though drier, and less hospitable than the western lands across the sea, Sargaso boasts an overwhelming supply of natural ores for both dwarven and human smiths.

Sargaso a continent of Jacmus Prime
Sargaso – the sunburnt country

Overview of Sargaso

In the beginning days of Sargaso migration saw many younger, overzealous dwarves sail east to delve into the vast mountain ranges and claim new riches for their families and clans. The rapidly growing trade proved the rallying point behind moving east across the sea to ‘have a second chance’.

Due to the great numbers of criminals that sought refuge in the new land, combined with the rough demeanor of those that sculpted the earth and forged works of metal, Sargaso rapidly earned the reputation of a tough land not yet tamed.

Over the years port towns and cities grew from the prosperous trade with the ‘old world’ across the sea to the west. Now, in present time the emergence of lords and nobles attempting to claim the harsh lands to the east their own, and establish empires and kingdoms.

The mountainous terrain of Sargaso has been carved for centuries by the steadfast and dedicated dwarven clans. The human influence has lead to the sporadic placement of villages and towns throughout the interior lands, where the mountains raise high, and the air growls dangerously chill on the southern spine.

The lands are dry, the lakes and ponds often drying, imbedding their positions into the rocks till they fill again with the coming of the rainy season. When there are storms flash floods result, sending torrential floods cascading down the rocky cliffs and cause disastrous flooding in the valleys.

The temperature varies greatly across the continent of Sargaso – the heated areas inland can reach dangerous heights capable of dehydrating a man within an hour of the sun’s exposure.

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