Sedian Isles

The Sedian isles sit quite literally ?lost? between the shores of Sargaso and what used to be the area of Mordor.

The area flooded when new lands to the west rose suddenly from the depths, the once prosperous island is now split into a collection of smaller islands, only two of which are known to be inhabited. A thin isthmus, which has been known to flood at unnaturally high tides connects the islands, but aside from that the two settlements rarely have anything to do with one another out of choice. Small islands and jagged rocks protruding from the sea make up much of the rest of the region, making some of the more secluded islands very hard to reach. The land was once covered in trees, but as the climate and sea level changed, a lot of it has been reduced to thin patches of woodland and heather, save for the well-kept forests to the north.

Sedian Isles Inhabitants

What follows, is a description of each of the main inhabitants of the Sedian Isles:

Islands of the Druids

The island of the druids connects by a slim isthmus to a land far removed from their peaceful society built around the precepts of nature.?There is no warfare in the serene setting of the woodland folk, but it is a fortress nonetheless, for they will not suffer the cruelty of men against the land they have cultivated for hundreds of years.

It is a stronghold with no stone, no cannons or swords.?The peaceful druids have learned the greatest defence comes not from a man?s hand, but from the strength of the trees roots and the unstoppable momentum of rushing water.

The walls surrounding the druid towns are towering redwoods, their trunks wide enough to accommodate a wagon tunnel. The boughs and leaves of the tree rustle, whispering back and forth with the nature attuned residents.

Moats surround the populated areas, the water cascading in a violent white foam if danger approaches, and placid and cool in times of peace.?The animals too understand the friendship of the goodly humans, and few elves too, that make up the druid communities.

It is a wondrous land of lavender sunsets and stretches of forest of every hue of green, with splashes of blue and purple to lift the spirits of even the gloomiest souls.

The rituals the druids have adopted are considered strange to outsiders, and alienate the traders from venturing into their lands. Never would they endorse violence or sacrifice a woodland creature in their prayers, but they spend many hours in song and strange dance, often meditating and going without food for days on end.

Through their scholarly existence they grow closer to nature than even the rangers of Finaru, learning to empathize with the trees and animals, but it is at the cost of distancing themselves from the outside world, and the cultures beyond their small, protected world.

Old Fort Sedia

Old Fort Sedia
Map of the Old Fort Sedia

The southernmost island of Sedia plays host to a small shipping village, called ?Old Fort Sedia ? which was once frequented by some of the more shady travellers between Mordor and Sargaso as temporary bed and board, and more than likely a drop off for illegal trade goods ? but everyone knows not to mention that.

The sea swallowed a large portion of the town long before the memory of the eldest human, striking hard at the economy of the once-kingdom and killing over half of the population, including the royalty. Since then, no new king or queen has been elected, but the most prosperous business family claimed administration over the land. In the interest of trade, the numerous tradesmen and sailors in the area have held no grudges against Mordor though, and constantly search for new ways to bring more business to the little known town ? much to the chagrin of the druid settlement on their neighbouring island.?As the main docking area was also sunken with the majority of the town, it was rebuilt on the southern tip of the island, the only remaining place where ships could safely dock without having to navigate submerged rocks or rooftops.

A few of the sunken buildings are tall enough to still be seen, and even inhabited at their uppermost levels, the largest of these being Old Fort Sedia , an old castle which has now been converted into a remote marketplace, accessible by a regular ferry from Port Sedia .

Certain specialist traders such as a tattoo artist, a book seller and a drug dealer can be found in the marketplace, along with the more general trade folk. It also houses the main headquarters for Port Sedia s considerably lax law enforcement group, consisting of roughly fifteen guards and one commander.

Although there are plentiful beds to be found in the district, there?s only one respectable publican in Fort Sedia; the newly appointed owner of ?The Cutthroats Den? alehouse and inn, which looks out over the sea from the mainland. Jakadin won the prosperous business in a long overdue game of cards when he was washed ashore on the island after being unceremoniously thrown from the crowsnest of his old ship. He claims he simply needs the income to tide him over until his old comrades stop by the area and pick him up, but many believe he will stay to take advantage of his increasing reverence in the area, as his ties with the local governor (and lesser known crime lord), strengthen.


The Sedian Isles remains a low key region of Jacmus Prime, though surely as more and more common people are driven there to escape the troubles which plague the mainlands it will continue to grow in esteem.

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