Sons of Moria

The Sons of Moria is the oldest clan in Jacmus-Prime.? It is a community made up of stout, hard working, hard drinking dwarves.? They are a family of fighters, of business dwarves, and of the finest friends one could hope to meet in the often treacherous and deceitful land of Finaru. They are lead by Berendir son of Deren, the ambassador between the dwarves and elves of Jacmus-Prime.? The Silverbeard, head of security and warfare is Rucktar Ironbraid, stout, rugged, and always willing to throw back a pint or two with the new recruits.

Sons of Moria Army
Sons of Moria campaign poster.

Sons of Moria?location

The clan resides mainly in Southern Finaru, allied with Dalmuros and the elves around the Hunter?s Lodge, they are a rapidly expanding trading empire. The dwarves hail from Khazad-Dum, a cavernous fortress where True-Silver, mithril, once poured in rivers. Accustomed to dealing with rare and fine metals, they are renown for their armor, and trade it freely across the port cities of Jacmus-Prime, including Moradil in Sargaso, Arydus in Venuso, and the capital of Finaru, Lotuvira.

You are most likely to find the rambunctious and loyal dwarves guarding the Hunters’ Lodge and running the adjacent Tanner?s Shed along the Southwest coast of Finaru.

Just be sure not to spill your ale!

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