Extract from The Traveller’s Guide

Roaming the land of Jacmus-Prime is a strange paradox that calls herself the Sphinx. She is, to the unknowing eye, a normal elven female; to those who possess the knowledge to recognize her, however, she is a creature of both fascinating mystery and unfathomable power. Even I cannot deduce her history; she seems to have simply appeared — a likely side-effect of divine intervention somewhere along the line.

The Sphinx travels on an undefined, random path through Jacmus-Prime, offering a challenge to any she deems worthy. The dare is this — answer a dozen of her masterfully crafted riddles correctly, and she will grant the victor a single wish without limits. Answer but a single one wrong, however, and she will flay the traveller on the spot. She is not dangerous until you accept her challenge. Ask yourself, traveller — is it worth the risk?

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