A Squrg is found in the cool, misty climates of Jacmus Prime (southern Venuso and Northern ?Finaru) and are seen hovering over the landscapes just before dawn. This rather could be mistaken for a land loving sting-a-ray.

Squrgs use there side flaps to hover about a metre to two metres over the earth but they will rarely cross over water. Then can grow from about the size of a dinner plate to the size of a large car in adulthood.

Squrgs love to feast upon humans but will force themselves to eat the lesser mortals such as goblins and orcs. They will even dine upon an Elf if there is absolutely nothing else in the offering. Should you come across a Squrg – be cautious, the tail is tipped with an electrifying barb that can lodge itself into its pray, slowly paralysing them.

Squrgs can be killed. Spear them between the eyes or get them into water and watching them fizzle.

It’s pretty easy to keep an ear out for a Squrg, they make a horrifying noise, much like the white wash of an untuned radio.

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