Magic and the Occult

Magic is changing

Magic still in the most part is an unplayed skill in Jacmus Prime. The Gods War left the quintessence of the land too chaotic for normal characters to even fathom touching and manipulating. Magic was lost. Slowly this is beginning to change. Magical tattoos and the gem magics are gradually being introduced into play. Vampire, … Read more

God Artifacts of Di’Marshi

The city of Di’Marshi was ruled by a group of 12 gods – each left behind a magical artifact after their demise. Many of the artifacts listed here no longer dwell in the ancient city, but have long since been collected as valuable prizes. The names of their new owners, are listed beneath each artifact … Read more

Personal artifacts within Jacmus Prime

Here lie some of the more personal artifacts that can be found in Jacmus Prime. Each powerful Artifact has been painstakingly gained by the holder and contain ancient history and lore that dates back beyond the beginning times of Jacmus Prime. Personal Artifacts Juntai’s Claw This claw was given to the legendary Juntai Ruiken as … Read more