Celikor Empire

Sargaso - Celikor Empire

Dominated by humans, the Celikor Empire’s rise to prestige and power came from brute force and arm twisting diplomacy. With the Dwarven strongholds guarding the Eastern pass of the mountains, the Celikor Empire was unable to stretch its influence to the coastal city of Moradil. The trade between the dwarves and this kingdom is pivotal … Read more

Tianys – Capital of Sargaso and Celikor Empire


The capital of both Sargaso and the Celikor empire, Tianys is the strongest hub of trade across the continent. It’s rival Moradil frequently threatens to surpass it as the trade capital through the dwarves weighted trade and IteoR’s presence. A walled city with a natural harbor and man-made port, Tianys has clung to the title … Read more