A kingdom of grandiose proportion that few have beheld. It is here, where one of Jacmus Prime?s oldest cities remains in tact- for the most part cut off from the rest of civilization. The heart of Letralt lays between a mountain pass, standing on top of a plateau. Dryxton Dace, the current king, is a … Read more

Arcalia a small city of IteoR

City of Arcalia

Arcalia is located on the east coast of the central Finaru. Arcalia is a small village that was settled and ruled by Sintak’s father until his death over two years ago. Sintak then took over leadership of the village and after about two years passed he headed to IteoR to offer his services. Jarek accepted … Read more


Wardoluf - Now a ghost town, but once a powerful city

Now a ghost town, but once a powerful city. Nicknamed, ‘The Devil’s Eye’, this ghost town was once a powerful city where the chiefs of the north rule here – the strongest ogres and trolls holding the seats of power, directing the human and goblin slaves to mine in the deepest pits of the cold … Read more