A Squrg is found in the cool, misty climates of Jacmus Prime (southern Venuso and Northern ?Finaru) and are seen hovering over the landscapes just before dawn. This rather could be mistaken for a land loving sting-a-ray. Squrgs use there side flaps to hover about a metre to two metres over the earth but they … Read more

Assassins Guild

Finaru’s Elite Assassins Guild Near to the north eastern tip of Finaru is a secret meeting place for a congregation of elite assassins. Strategically hidden at the base of a mountain with treacherous terrain, these paid executioners gather seeking riches and power that would benefit them most. Within the mountain and the underlying ground within … Read more

Hunting Reserves

Finaru hunting grounds

Location:?Finaru Berendir, son of Deren, and the Sons of Moria have undertaken the task of establishing hunting reserves throughout Finaru. The population of creatures detrimental to their environments, and the goodly folk who live near to them, have grown out of proportions and needs to be culled. Black hearted races such as the bow legged … Read more

Hunters’ Lodge

Exodia’s Reign left Southern Finaru in shambles, leaving many homeless and jobless. The economy was shattered, many left without their careers, losing their feeling of self worth and ability to provide for their families. Dalmuros, with the aid of the Son?s of Moria, a clan of goodly and drunken dwarves, founded the Hunters’ Lodge. They … Read more

Apothecary’s Cottage – NE of the Hunters’ Lodge

Book of natural healing

An hours walk north east from the Hunters Lodge in the forests of Southern Finaru, lies the quaint cottage of the natural healer and apothecary, Mystletoe. Around the cottage lie a number of well tended gardens growing various herbs and plants that she uses for powders, lotions, teas and salves. All items (raw materials and … Read more

IteoR People – Thousands live and die under the banner.

It is a land of mystery, of frigid temperature, and constant battle where the Flame of the North, King Jarek, holds sway. It is a land of pale beauty, and fiery rage. It is a land where those who live, serve with undying fanaticism to the Lord of the North. IteoR’s rise to glory was … Read more

Arcalia a small city of IteoR

City of Arcalia

Arcalia is located on the east coast of the central Finaru. Arcalia is a small village that was settled and ruled by Sintak’s father until his death over two years ago. Sintak then took over leadership of the village and after about two years passed he headed to IteoR to offer his services. Jarek accepted … Read more

The Kingdom of IteoR

IteoR Kingdom

Sprawled across Nothern Finaru, the Kingdom of IteoR holds sway with the entire northern half of Finaru. Through the rolling hills, the forests, the plains the Legions of IteoR march, and train. Their numbers vast, their dedication fanatical. Cities rise above the landscape, all connected by roads still under construction. The Rise of IteoR Most … Read more

History of Dymises, a fallen kingdom

Darkones of Dymises

Dymises, well regarded in history as the self proclaimed ‘Dark Ones’, this kingdom near rivals Cer-Kahrin in age, though it was created a short time after by a charismatic leader named Oranthol K’tarneesh, who lead his followers north to branch out into their own religious beliefs. Dymises – The Dark Ones With the attempt to … Read more

Cer’Kahrin a booming town

Cer-Kahrin Kingdom

In the south east of the Kingdom Cer-kahrin, lies a town that holds to the Kingdom’s namesake. The Town of Cer’Kahrin Cer’Kahrin was once a town of settlers who lived on the frontier of society, thriving off the rich spoils of the sea and culling the population of ogres and trolls that stray from the … Read more