Deities of Jacmus Prime

The following is a list of the Deities of Jacmus. They have since perished in the Gods War, and have left their followers in dismay, many priests and priestesses taking their own lives in the recent years since the cataclysm. There are others who hold hope that they will one day return, some how. But … Read more

God Artifacts of Di’Marshi

The city of Di’Marshi was ruled by a group of 12 gods – each left behind a magical artifact after their demise. Many of the artifacts listed here no longer dwell in the ancient city, but have long since been collected as valuable prizes. The names of their new owners, are listed beneath each artifact … Read more

The Gods War – On a plane removed, yet one with the Prime

Autumnal bursts of cold washed over the land. The fallow fields remained empty, all hands gone, all humanity fled in terror. The end was coming, it was felt, it was here, it was all around. On a Plane removed, and yet one with the Prime a battle raged. To the sky the fearful peasants stared. … Read more