Holidays held across the countries of Jacmus Prime Remembrance of the Gods – Gods War A day of sorrow where families gather to retell the tales of old, back when the Gods ruled the lands of Jacmus Prime. There are few festivities on this day, and every family has a different tradition, be it a … Read more

Exodia Reign

In the first days of Jacmus-Prime, when the heroes and villains to be began to surface, there was one tyrant whose foul deeds changed the face of Finaru, the flourishing green lands. South of Lotuvira, the capital city of Finaru a man of noble appearance, a charismatic tongue, and an iron fist, began to build … Read more

Brink of Oblivion

There are few evils as insidious as Zarukai, or monstrous as Litchlore in the world of Jacmus-Prime. The shadow darkened over Venuso when these two powers came together; the young and ambitious Zarukai, and the ancient and demonic being Litchlore, the father of the dark races. Zarukai?s ascent was fast and merciless, his power frightening … Read more

The Healer’s Cabin

The Healer?s Cabin was the home of Shanas Kezia, a young woman whose healing prowess aided in restoring the health to Rhysstan after the young warrior was severely wounded by a crossbow bolt in the early days of Exodia?s campaign to rule over Finaru. While Rhysstan had been unconscious a band of orcs sought to … Read more

History of Dymises, a fallen kingdom

Darkones of Dymises

Dymises, well regarded in history as the self proclaimed ‘Dark Ones’, this kingdom near rivals Cer-Kahrin in age, though it was created a short time after by a charismatic leader named Oranthol K’tarneesh, who lead his followers north to branch out into their own religious beliefs. Dymises – The Dark Ones With the attempt to … Read more

The Gods War – On a plane removed, yet one with the Prime

Autumnal bursts of cold washed over the land. The fallow fields remained empty, all hands gone, all humanity fled in terror. The end was coming, it was felt, it was here, it was all around. On a Plane removed, and yet one with the Prime a battle raged. To the sky the fearful peasants stared. … Read more