Celikor Empire

Sargaso - Celikor Empire

Dominated by humans, the Celikor Empire’s rise to prestige and power came from brute force and arm twisting diplomacy. With the Dwarven strongholds guarding the Eastern pass of the mountains, the Celikor Empire was unable to stretch its influence to the coastal city of Moradil. The trade between the dwarves and this kingdom is pivotal … Read more

The Kingdom of IteoR

IteoR Kingdom

Sprawled across Nothern Finaru, the Kingdom of IteoR holds sway with the entire northern half of Finaru. Through the rolling hills, the forests, the plains the Legions of IteoR march, and train. Their numbers vast, their dedication fanatical. Cities rise above the landscape, all connected by roads still under construction. The Rise of IteoR Most … Read more

History of Dymises, a fallen kingdom

Darkones of Dymises

Dymises, well regarded in history as the self proclaimed ‘Dark Ones’, this kingdom near rivals Cer-Kahrin in age, though it was created a short time after by a charismatic leader named Oranthol K’tarneesh, who lead his followers north to branch out into their own religious beliefs. Dymises – The Dark Ones With the attempt to … Read more

Cer-Kahrin, the Kingdom

Cer-Kahrin Kingdom

Cer-Kahrin is the most diverse and religious of the kingdoms in Jacmus Prime.?It has flourished through turmoil and change, riding the wave of time to evolve with the land. The ancient Gods of elves and men, are worshipped at the temples and churches throughout the southern half of Finaru, and especially in its capital, Lotuvira, … Read more