The Healer’s Cabin

The Healer?s Cabin was the home of Shanas Kezia, a young woman whose healing prowess aided in restoring the health to Rhysstan after the young warrior was severely wounded by a crossbow bolt in the early days of Exodia?s campaign to rule over Finaru. While Rhysstan had been unconscious a band of orcs sought to … Read more

Apothecary’s Cottage – NE of the Hunters’ Lodge

Book of natural healing

An hours walk north east from the Hunters Lodge in the forests of Southern Finaru, lies the quaint cottage of the natural healer and apothecary, Mystletoe. Around the cottage lie a number of well tended gardens growing various herbs and plants that she uses for powders, lotions, teas and salves. All items (raw materials and … Read more