Political Archives – Berendir, Mayor of Lotuvira

[su_box title=”Berendir Post Election Update” style=”bubbles” radius=”5″] After being elected the Mayor of Lotuvira, Berendir has since established the promised hunting reserves throughout Finaru, boosted Lotuvira”s global trade and established a lasting peace in Finaru with IteoR. The Mayor is pleased too to report a minimum of Southern Finaru casualties in recent wars waged in … Read more

The Healer’s Cabin

The Healer?s Cabin was the home of Shanas Kezia, a young woman whose healing prowess aided in restoring the health to Rhysstan after the young warrior was severely wounded by a crossbow bolt in the early days of Exodia?s campaign to rule over Finaru. While Rhysstan had been unconscious a band of orcs sought to … Read more

Undertakers of Lotuvira


Within the walls of Lotuvira on the continent Finaru, nestled between an inn and the sweet smells of a French pastry shop is the home of two sisters and a brother, the infamous Undertakers of Lotuvira. Entering through the front door to the heavy scent of perfumed roses, your eyes will alight upon the many … Read more

City of Lotuvira, Capital of Cer-Kahrin

The continent of Finaru

The capital of the Kingdom of Cer-Kahrin was founded by both elves and man in the beginning years of Jacmus Prime’s birth. General Description of Lotuvira The city is peaceful and prosperous in trade – accepting of all goodly races. To those who are without religion Lotuvira can be a mysterious, and an often uncomfortable … Read more