Political Archives – Berendir, Mayor of Lotuvira

Berendir’s Campaign Platform Boosting the Economy Foreign Policy Hunting Reserves Berendir?s campaign focuses on these three major themes that will work in concert to strengthen the defense, economy, and quality of life throughout Finaru and beyond.& Following the two devastating conflicts in Finaru: Exodia?s Reign and the war against Zarukai and Litchlore, the land has … Read more

The Healer’s Cabin

The Healer?s Cabin was the home of Shanas Kezia, a young woman whose healing prowess aided in restoring the health to Rhysstan after the young warrior was severely wounded by a crossbow bolt in the early days of Exodia?s campaign to rule over Finaru. While Rhysstan had been unconscious a band of orcs sought to … Read more

Undertakers of Lotuvira


Within the walls of Lotuvira on the continent Finaru, nestled between an inn and the sweet smells of a French pastry shop is the home of two sisters and a brother, the infamous Undertakers of Lotuvira. Entering through the front door to the heavy scent of perfumed roses, your eyes will alight upon the many … Read more

City of Lotuvira, Capital of Cer-Kahrin

The continent of Finaru

The capital of the Kingdom of Cer-Kahrin was founded by both elves and man in the beginning years of Jacmus Prime’s birth. General Description of Lotuvira The city is peaceful and prosperous in trade – accepting of all goodly races. To those who are without religion Lotuvira can be a mysterious, and an often uncomfortable … Read more