The chief rival of Tianys, Moradil has prospered greatly from the attempted expansion of the Celkor Kingdom in Sargaso. With each year the Dwarves suffer greater casualties from the humans warlike marches over mountainous territory – subsequently causing the Dwarves to favor trade with the peaceful lands to its east where Moradil rests, upon the … Read more

Hunting Reserves

Finaru hunting grounds

Location:?Finaru Berendir, son of Deren, and the Sons of Moria have undertaken the task of establishing hunting reserves throughout Finaru. The population of creatures detrimental to their environments, and the goodly folk who live near to them, have grown out of proportions and needs to be culled. Black hearted races such as the bow legged … Read more

Islands of Jacmus Prime

Islands of Jacmus Prime There?exists Continents, Kingdoms, Countries, Cities, Towns, Villages, Outposts and Islands, all of which make up the world of Jacmus Prime. Off the southern coast of Finaru, found between it and Sargaso lie three prominent Islands, three land masses significant enough to establish their own societies. Sedian Isles Sedian Isles is made … Read more

Hunters’ Lodge

Exodia’s Reign left Southern Finaru in shambles, leaving many homeless and jobless. The economy was shattered, many left without their careers, losing their feeling of self worth and ability to provide for their families. Dalmuros, with the aid of the Son?s of Moria, a clan of goodly and drunken dwarves, founded the Hunters’ Lodge. They … Read more