IteoR People – Thousands live and die under the banner.

It is a land of mystery, of frigid temperature, and constant battle where the Flame of the North, King Jarek, holds sway. It is a land of pale beauty, and fiery rage. It is a land where those who live, serve with undying fanaticism to the Lord of the North. IteoR’s rise to glory was … Read more


A kingdom of grandiose proportion that few have beheld. It is here, where one of Jacmus Prime?s oldest cities remains in tact- for the most part cut off from the rest of civilization. The heart of Letralt lays between a mountain pass, standing on top of a plateau. Dryxton Dace, the current king, is a … Read more

Celikor Empire

Sargaso - Celikor Empire

Dominated by humans, the Celikor Empire’s rise to prestige and power came from brute force and arm twisting diplomacy. With the Dwarven strongholds guarding the Eastern pass of the mountains, the Celikor Empire was unable to stretch its influence to the coastal city of Moradil. The trade between the dwarves and this kingdom is pivotal … Read more

Arcalia a small city of IteoR

City of Arcalia

Arcalia is located on the east coast of the central Finaru. Arcalia is a small village that was settled and ruled by Sintak’s father until his death over two years ago. Sintak then took over leadership of the village and after about two years passed he headed to IteoR to offer his services. Jarek accepted … Read more

The City of Arydus – Southern Venuso

Arydus Winter all year around.

The city of Arydus represents a land of both valor and deceit. A city where one’s innocence can be shattered, and the transition from man to hero made all too early. An overview of the City of Arydus The common need for a trading port halfway across the sea has brought dwarves, elves, and men … Read more

Zyvois – Former Capital of Kingdom of Dymises

Ghost town ruins

The former capital of the now defunct Kingdom of Dymises, Zyvois trades with Moradil much the same as the Southern kingdom Cer-Kahrin, though it had far fewer ships in its fleet, and not nearly as impressive a selection of goods to market. The city was predominantly human, though a small number of kobolds, goblins, and … Read more

Cer-Kahrin, the Kingdom

Cer-Kahrin Kingdom

Cer-Kahrin is the most diverse and religious of the kingdoms in Jacmus Prime.?It has flourished through turmoil and change, riding the wave of time to evolve with the land. The ancient Gods of elves and men, are worshipped at the temples and churches throughout the southern half of Finaru, and especially in its capital, Lotuvira, … Read more

City of Lotuvira, Capital of Cer-Kahrin

The continent of Finaru

The capital of the Kingdom of Cer-Kahrin was founded by both elves and man in the beginning years of Jacmus Prime’s birth. General Description of Lotuvira The city is peaceful and prosperous in trade – accepting of all goodly races. To those who are without religion Lotuvira can be a mysterious, and an often uncomfortable … Read more

Underdark — Ust?ssyli

Dark Elf also known as Drow

The city of Ust’ssyli (dancing fire) attainted its name from the frequent faerie fire spells being practiced in the enormous school of magery. The school is the third most infamous among the drow kingdom, situated in a well travelled region of the Underdark the city trades with several denizens of the realms below selling their … Read more

The Nightlands (Dreamworld)

Magic Box Maze

The exact look of The Nightlands sometimes referred to as the Dreamworld, changes constantly to reflect the mood of the Lord of the area.   Ranging from dark forests with twisted limbs to beautiful flatlands teeming with life. Their power is linked to how much chaos exists within the continent they are linked to. The … Read more