Sandworms are a rare cold blooded creature that can be found in the deserts of Sargaso. Burying deep beneath the sands, or lying in the hot sun, these worms can grow up to 600 feet long, with their body a diametre of about 1.5 metres when in a relaxed state. Sand worms are not vegetarians, … Read more

Gollum?s Dwelling

Located on the Sargaso continent, Gollum’s dwelling lies at the farthest of Sargaso’s southeastern reaches; submitted into the pitch black of a swamp infested, boulder confinement that’s drenched with ample fish and other sea creatures to feed upon. There are only a few narrow, arduous tunnels that lead to his dank cave. Gollum’s dwelling is … Read more

Darkstar’s Kingdom

Nestled in the gentle vales and flowing valleys that are hidden amidst the impenetrable peaks of the Dwarven Kingdom under the Mountain, the Elven Kingdom of DarkStar spreads its mighty arms to all Elves who seek shelter. The capital City, called Elvenhome, sprawls like a giant forest through the largest of these vales. The only … Read more


The chief rival of Tianys, Moradil has prospered greatly from the attempted expansion of the Celkor Kingdom in Sargaso. With each year the Dwarves suffer greater casualties from the humans warlike marches over mountainous territory – subsequently causing the Dwarves to favor trade with the peaceful lands to its east where Moradil rests, upon the … Read more

Tianys – Capital of Sargaso and Celikor Empire


The capital of both Sargaso and the Celikor empire, Tianys is the strongest hub of trade across the continent. It’s rival Moradil frequently threatens to surpass it as the trade capital through the dwarves weighted trade and IteoR’s presence. A walled city with a natural harbor and man-made port, Tianys has clung to the title … Read more

Sargaso – a sunburnt country

Sargaso a continent of Jacmus Prime

The largest of the landmasses in Jacmus Prime, this barren land of rolling mountains was discovered by trading sea vessels hundreds of years prior to the New Era. Though drier, and less hospitable than the western lands across the sea, Sargaso boasts an overwhelming supply of natural ores for both dwarven and human smiths. Overview … Read more