Dragons (Character Race)

Dragons are powerful large creatures that enjoy remote destinations and the bitter cold winds of Venuso. Dragons’ appearance Covered in a thick reptilian skin that is often layered with large colourful scales like an exotic fish, Dragons are extremely distinguishing and hardy.? Many Dragons have long necks that can stretch backwards?to touch the tip of … Read more


A Squrg is found in the cool, misty climates of Jacmus Prime (southern Venuso and Northern ?Finaru) and are seen hovering over the landscapes just before dawn. This rather could be mistaken for a land loving sting-a-ray. Squrgs use there side flaps to hover about a metre to two metres over the earth but they … Read more


In the snowy mountain peaks of Venuso, deep in the recesses of frozen rock, there rest forgotten lairs of the Ryken. These nests host the foulest, most ferocious birds that exist within Jacmus-Prime — evils that are best left alone. Do not let their appearance fool you. To the unknowing eye, they look to be … Read more


The father of the Goblin races Litchlore, fabled as the father of the goblin races, had migrated from the western greenlands to the cold harsh north in the beginning during the shaping of the world of Jacmus-Prime. Since the ancient Orc King’s passing the Kingdom has loosened its discrimination against other races supporting them in … Read more

The City of Arydus – Southern Venuso

Arydus Winter all year around.

The city of Arydus represents a land of both valor and deceit. A city where one’s innocence can be shattered, and the transition from man to hero made all too early. An overview of the City of Arydus The common need for a trading port halfway across the sea has brought dwarves, elves, and men … Read more


Wardoluf - Now a ghost town, but once a powerful city

Now a ghost town, but once a powerful city. Nicknamed, ‘The Devil’s Eye’, this ghost town was once a powerful city where the chiefs of the north rule here – the strongest ogres and trolls holding the seats of power, directing the human and goblin slaves to mine in the deepest pits of the cold … Read more

Venuso – a cold land North of the equator

The land of Venuso

A bitter land of dark intrigue lies in the far North. It is a barren wasteland of ice and tundra that leaves no power to those whose arms are not strong enough to defend it.   Hardened, evolved races of troll, ogres, and even some adapted orc races to the cold weather. It is said … Read more