Tianys – Capital of Sargaso and Celikor Empire


The capital of both Sargaso and the Celikor empire, Tianys is the strongest hub of trade across the continent. It’s rival Moradil frequently threatens to surpass it as the trade capital through the dwarves weighted trade and IteoR’s presence. A walled city with a natural harbor and man-made port, Tianys has clung to the title … Read more

Cer-Kahrin, the Kingdom

Cer-Kahrin Kingdom

Cer-Kahrin is the most diverse and religious of the kingdoms in Jacmus Prime.?It has flourished through turmoil and change, riding the wave of time to evolve with the land. The ancient Gods of elves and men, are worshipped at the temples and churches throughout the southern half of Finaru, and especially in its capital, Lotuvira, … Read more

City of Lotuvira, Capital of Cer-Kahrin

The continent of Finaru

The capital of the Kingdom of Cer-Kahrin was founded by both elves and man in the beginning years of Jacmus Prime’s birth. General Description of Lotuvira The city is peaceful and prosperous in trade – accepting of all goodly races. To those who are without religion Lotuvira can be a mysterious, and an often uncomfortable … Read more

Serenity Falls

Serenity Falls

Located south, south-east of the Hunters’ Lodge on the continent of Finaru, these waterfalls are a towering display of cascading waters. Serenity’s height stands well over a hundred yards as the misted spray permeates the land beneath. ?Tis a tranquil abode for a few elves and Rocs of likeness- having been the location where the … Read more

Underdark — Ust?ssyli

Dark Elf also known as Drow

The city of Ust’ssyli (dancing fire) attainted its name from the frequent faerie fire spells being practiced in the enormous school of magery. The school is the third most infamous among the drow kingdom, situated in a well travelled region of the Underdark the city trades with several denizens of the realms below selling their … Read more

The Nightlands (Dreamworld)

Magic Box Maze

The exact look of The Nightlands sometimes referred to as the Dreamworld, changes constantly to reflect the mood of the Lord of the area.   Ranging from dark forests with twisted limbs to beautiful flatlands teeming with life. Their power is linked to how much chaos exists within the continent they are linked to. The … Read more

Kingdoms of Jacmus Prime

The Cer-Kahrin Palace in Lotuvira.

Out of chaos comes order. In some cultures, a leader is chosen based on might and strength, in others persuasion. When a leader becomes a ruler through the consensus of influential families, many of whom interbreed with the desire to maintain certain aspects of a bloodline, a Kingdom is born. Definition of a Kingdom A … Read more

Sedian Isles

Old Fort Sedia

The Sedian isles sit quite literally ?lost? between the shores of Sargaso and what used to be the area of Mordor. The area flooded when new lands to the west rose suddenly from the depths, the once prosperous island is now split into a collection of smaller islands, only two of which are known to … Read more

Finaru – a prosperous continent

The continent of Finaru

The ancient land of Finaru claims the most varied and prosperous of kingdoms. Nations of dwarves, elves, humans, and many other races trace their lineage back to this continent. The vast cultural differences have lead to both unlikely alliances and bitter rivalries. The most prominent of peoples in Finaru are humans – as with most … Read more

Sargaso – a sunburnt country

Sargaso a continent of Jacmus Prime

The largest of the landmasses in Jacmus Prime, this barren land of rolling mountains was discovered by trading sea vessels hundreds of years prior to the New Era. Though drier, and less hospitable than the western lands across the sea, Sargaso boasts an overwhelming supply of natural ores for both dwarven and human smiths. Overview … Read more