Jumping into a chat room for the first time is confusing for a person not used to a chat environment.

Terms and acronyms confusing
To help you understand some of the jargon commonly used by roleplayers at Jacmus Prime, we’ve put together a lexicon of commonly used terms and acronyms.

Terms and acronyms used in RP


Short for: Away from keyboard

Many players use this term when they slip away from their computer for a prolonged amount of time.

Auto or forced hit

An auto or forced hit means a forced attack and connect within a single post. It is an attack on another character that has no possibility of dodging no matter the circumstance. This type of combat does not follow the rules of engagement.

Example of auto:?Coolguy18956: Kicks Tom in the nose causing it to break.

Prefered roleplay: Coolguy18956: foot kicks upwards towards Tom’s nose with enough force to break it.


Short for:?Be right back…

This acronym is similar to AFK, however rather than a prolonged period of time, this term means, “I’ll be back in a few moments.”


Short for:?Be back Later

Often used when someone is going to get offline for awhile, but where they intend to return later in the evening, morning, or afternoon.


Short for: Character


Short for: Download


A continent of Jacmus Prime


Short for: Free Form Role-play

In FFRP, players assume the role of a character and respond to events around them through that character. FFRP games don’t usually involve a nominated game master. Instead, the players control the flow of the game through their interactions as characters. The use of a general set of guidelines for play may be used and trust also plays an important element.

GTG or G2G

Short for: Got to go


Means in character


This term is used when someone places another person on ignore, whereby they can not see what the other person is typing. This is done for a various amount of reasons, more often depending on what you would find annoying. Reasons may include spamming or continuously being out of character during a roleplay.



Short for:?In real life.


Short for:?Laughing out loud



Short for:?Laughing my ass off

Never Ending Story

This term refers to the style of play where one person posts a turn and another person posts in response to that, and so on, creating a continuous story. This style suites interactive fiction and free form. Many adventures can take place within the story and play continues on until the players quit or it is agreed that a new story should begin.


This term refers to a person who is new to roleplaying or to chat.


Short for: Out of character


Short for:?Nevermind



Short for:?No problem


Short for:?Non-player character

An NPC can be mentioned during a post by a player who is roleplaying under a different character name. The NPC is similar to an ‘extra’. The actions of the NPC are determined by the discretion of the player. Sometimes the player may give control of the NPC over to another player.

Example:?Coolguy18956: sat at the bar watching Tom as he entered the Tavern. A bouncer beefed up on steroids and a sour look approached Tom blocking his entrance. “Papers.” The bouncer asked with a snarl.

The bouncer in this case would be an NPC. More experienced players introduce NPCs to provide greater interaction with other players in the room, especially if their played character is already engaged in an interaction with another character. ?NPCs are also used frequently in combat.


Short for: Paragraph

Often said as ”Para RP” referring to roleplay that is written in consistent paragraphs, as opposed to single sentences. Many roleplayers in Jacmus Prime prefer this method of roleplay.


Short for: Power Character

This term is used in Jacmus Prime when someone is using powers that their character should not have acquired, making this character invincible.

In some RPGs it also stands for Player Character.


Short for: Roleplay


Short for:?Roleplayer


Short for:?Roleplay Game



This term is used to signify the various places in chat or online where you roleplay. A realm is basically more or less, the setting / world / universe / land in where your character interacts.


Sargaso is a continent of Jacmus Prime.

Spam or Spamming

Spam occurs when someone types in only a few words per line repeatedly. It causes the chat screen to move up continuously so that the previous lines are no longer visible. This is done quickly and tends to get annoying. This is also called scrolling.


Staff are the people that volunteer to provide you with the realm’s

  • guidelines
  • roleplay environment
  • design, graphics and website content
  • IC and OOC moderation

These people are often dedicated roleplayers that frequently help to keep the realm running smoothly.


Short for: Shut the f*ck up!

Sometimes used between friends.

exclaim icon


Short for: Thank you


A Continent of Jacmus Prime.


This term refers to a person who has chalked up a large amount of roleplaying experience and understands the guidelines and style exceptionally well.


Short for: Welcome back.


Short for: You’re welcome.


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