The Crusaders Clan

Locked away in the stones, the Magic is still accessible to humanity. The previous abuses are not safeguarded against. One small group of honorable men?is dedicated to ensuring that it does not abuse again. The Crusaders are trained from the time they are seven, taken away from family and friends, sworn to the blade and shield they carry as their own and trained the years until they are at least twenty.

Wearing white cloaks and tabards, with silvery chainmail under them, the Crusaders are a sight. Upon the left breast and back of their cloaks are emblazoned a sunburst, vibrant with gold and red hues. Upon their shield, the?emblem stands out, a sign for all to see. The most elite force of men and women?on the planet, the Crusaders live and die by their code of honor and their dedication.

Against the likes of huge fireballs, and arching beams of electricity that can kill in seconds, what good would a sword and shield do? It is this, their secret weapon that gives them the edge. Embedded in the shield is a magical stone, unlike any?other. Only fifteen have been found in the world, and they defeat the magic of other stones. Not only is this negatory stone useful in dispelling enchantments, but in battle should a lightning bolt or a fireball be sent at them, the Shield Stone will draw the dweomer into the shield, absorbing it.

The Crusaders pay a price, however, for their dedication to the martial arts. They can not use any other stone, only the Shield Stone which they train with as long?and as hard as they do their swords. Riding white chargers of superb quality, these outnumbered scions of good ride the land, ensuring that innocence remains?alive, and darkness is held back.

The lone Candle in the night, we are that which keeps the demons at bay.

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