There’s a Viking in all of us

Originally published: March 2003

Mark interviews Gino.

Zantoru walks up and sits in his little reporter stool.

Jacques_The_Inquisitor A hush comes over the crowd as the heavens pour out the cascading music of a thousand beautiful voices all ushering in the sexiest man alive, Gino.

Zantoru says, Hello Gino, and let me say thanks for being here. How’s it feel being interviewed for Jacmus-Prime?

Jacques_The_Inquisitor says, Oh man! It’s so great, my heart is pounding in my chest! I’m all dizzy and nervous!

Jacques_The_Inquisitor figets slightly, but says uncannily sexy.

Zantoru says, Hahaha, now don’t try and be too funny. Anyways, let’s start off by you telling us what characters you play in JP. Don’t get too in depth, but tell us their names and maybe what race they are.

Jacques_The_Inquisitor says, I tend to play very uncommon, very conceptual characters. I play Throsten Hellshade, lord of the Nightlands here at JP, Jacques the Inquisitor, strange alien being from a different dimension with an obsession with the beauty of humanoid races, and Alai Morte, a trouble, psychically hypersensitive teenager.

Zantoru says, Mmmm, that sounds a bit interesting. Now, which character do you enjoy RP’ing the most with and why?

Jacques_The_Inquisitor says, Well lately I haven’t role played much at all, but I think the most enjoyable out of those three is Jacques, mainly because its race of beings is a “hive mind”, and it’s very different from anything else I’ve ever played, so it’s interesting trying to think of how it would respond to different situations.

Zantoru says, Oh, I see. Now, what kind of plots are these characters involved in?

Jacques_The_Inquisitor says, Well, none at the moment. Jacques is kind of involved in a plot, it is very obsessed with humanoid races, and it doesn’t understand why humans can tell that it is an alien (Jacques perceives the world around it very differently than humans do), and it is hell bent on fitting in with the beautiful “flesh-puppets”, as it calls them, so it is constantly observing and researching humans and their environment.

Zantoru says, Mmmmm. Now, what do you think of your roleplaying experience in JP?

Jacques_The_Inquisitor says, I don’t role play here that often. Some things I dislike about JP is, (well I don’t know if people do it anymore), the playing of huge armies of people, plus I don’t like how a lot of things in JP are based off of other popular RPing games, such as “The Underdark”, which, if I’m not mistaken, was taken from Forgotten Realms. But I guess it’s okay, it’s good that there are not tons of newbies anime facing all over the place (well for the most part).

Zantoru says, I see, haven’t heard that opinion before. How do you think Jacmus-Prime compares to other realms?

Jacques_The_Inquisitor says, It’s better than Gayenee, and most definitely better than Eden.

Zantoru says, I see. Well, Gino… Any future plans that you would like to tell us about? Maybe something you have in store for your characters that you want to share?

Jacques_The_Inquisitor says, No

Zantoru says, Well, Gino… You are pretty straight-forward, never met anyone with your opinions… Maybe I’ll talk to you some other day. Until then, farewell…

Zantoru slips off of his reporter chair and heads back to the donuts.

Jacques_The_Inquisitor says, Word home slice.

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