Tianys – Capital of Sargaso and Celikor Empire

The capital of both Sargaso and the Celikor empire, Tianys is the strongest hub of trade across the continent. It’s rival Moradil frequently threatens to surpass it as the trade capital through the dwarves weighted trade and IteoR’s presence. A walled city with a natural harbor and man-made port, Tianys has clung to the title of Capital for many decades.

General Overview of Tianys

The populace of the city Tianys is predominantly human, though dwarves, and the occasional elf has been known to grace its ports, looking for bargains of precious metals and equipment before it is shipped to the East coast of Tianys.

Tianys is located on the South Western corner of Sargaso. It has a natural harbour ideal for a large fishing and merchant port.

High rock walls completely surround the capital of Sargaso. Even the sea port lies a short walk outside its immediate defence, and not inside the large barricade around Tianys. It is a strategic placement, for Tianys regards the seaport as its weakest defensible area. On either side of the harbor lie candle lit lighthouses beneath which secured tunnels run back beneath Tianys, kept privy to only a few of the elite within the high council of the Celikor Empire.

Tianys is a city built for siege, with large storage granaries and numerous wells that tap into the only fresh water supply located directly beneath the city. The grain shipped in from Finaru across the seas is?stored for months in advance though there is often threat of disease and vermin. In return for much-needed grain and other produce, Tianys provides Cer’Kahrin with a sturdy but easily molded sandstone of a quality that is rarely found anywhere else, even in the northern province of Moradil.



Celikor Empire | Sargaso

Population at last census



  • Water – deep wells beneath the city
  • Sargaso sandstone – a beautiful sandstone that is found in many shades and desired by other Kingdoms for its porous nature
  • Quartzite – many uses as a building material but it may also be used as an inferior type of flint

  • Fish, Crayfish and Oysters – part of the natural harbour of Tianys is used for fishing trawlers
  • Pearls – naturally grown in oysters from reefs of the coastline of Tianys


  • Inwar
  • Taurus
  • Scaticar

Local Government

The Celikor Empire’s stronghold covers three-quarters of Sargaso. Though the city of Celikor was once the capital of Celikor under the former Regent, a new Imperial Palace was built in Tianys close to the sandstone mines, making it the new capital.

The Emperor rules Tianys directly with the assistance of High Council members. The Council includes fifteen carefully selected and trusted advisors from the Regents own family, High Priests of Taurus and Inwar, and a High Priestess of Scaticar. Ten of the High Council members see to other regions of the Empire, holding down Castles and vasts amount of land that is strategically located along the borders of Moradil, Elvenhome, the South and East coasts of Sargaso, the bottom peninsula and the city of Celikor.

Regular citizens of the Celikor Empire must petition to seek an audience with the Emperor. At times, the Emperor of Celikor will appoint a Regent from his own household to see to the affairs of Tianys in his long absence. The Regent is usually one of the five remaining Councillors who also acts as the Emperor’s voice of the people when the Emperor is at Court.

Place within Kingdom


Local Places

Tianys is a thriving city in Sargaso catering mostly to humans, a few elves, dwarfs and other races that visit it to purchase rare gems or pass on through its city ports on a quest.


  • The Desert Rose – frequented by elves, the Desert Rose is a spectacular resort near to the clear water oasis known for its healing waters. Managed by elves, the resort is the tourists choice of accommodation for its fine elven food and wine and tranquil sounds.Frequently booked out, be sure to pay your booking months in advance.
  • Drifting Sands – is the only tavern located outside Tianys’ walls. Closer to the ports it is often the travellers’ choice budget accommodation. Spend a night at drifting sands, share conversation with unscrupulous locals and you may wake up adrift upon the ocean on a boat you have not chartered. If you thought this fate was bad, feel a little sympathy for those sold to the mines. Of course, your cheap accommodation might be?as it seems, so long as you don’t talk to the wrong stranger.
  • Miners Lodge – is a tavern boasting accommodation for miners coming in from the many sandstone mines that drill into the dusty dry mountains of South Sargaso. Nightly entertainment assures miners will never have a lonely night.
  • The Sandstone – aptly named after the richest trading commodity of Tianys, the Sandstone Inn is not your ordinary drinking hole. Carved into a mountain that lays inside Tianys’ walls, the Sandstone Inn has various rooms for private dining and accommodation that sparkle with Quartizite in the dim lighting, affording a perfect cover for clandestine arrangements, thieves and other shady deals.
  • The Vic – short for Victory is frequented by the Emperor’s guards and army personnel. It is a raucous affair where many a brawl spills out onto the street and where gambling, mayhem, cheap ales and brews will land you up to your eyeballs in debt. Beneath the Vic, a labyrinth of tunnels await exploration.


  • Port Ellios Markets – located in the natural harbor precinct and open from dawn until midday, seven days a week. A great place to find bargain accommodation, fresh seafood, pearls and precious gems at discount prices.
  • Empire Square – hosts markets once a week on Thursday’s. It is an arabian dream complete with candles, incense and expensive cloth imported from Cer’karin.
  • Cactus Corner – opens twice a week. Once on Tuesdays and once more on Fridays. Cactus Corner markets are well known for their traders in herbs and other healing ointments. You can also purchase cacti, mules, horses and the occasional, caged exotic animals such as a Roc. If you are seeking adventure in Sargaso, than Cactus Corner markets are your one stop shop for supplies.
  • Pipers’ Parade – an evening affair on Mondays, Piper Parade Markets are rich with entertainment patroned by the Emperor to keep his servants moderately satisfied with the display of fireworks. Resembling more of a sideshow alley affair, Piper’s Parade is not a marketplace where you go alone. Most locals use the market to meet up with others in secret beneath the darkness cast by the desert trees and towering dunes.


Ship caught in a storm moving towards the port of Tianys
The twin lighthouses, one in the North and one in the South of the natural harbour that lies in front of the walled city of Tianys, are beacons of hope for ships, especially those that arrive at the capital city during the violent stormy season.
  • North Lighthouse – as its name suggests, the North Lighthouse is situated North of the natural harbor and man-made ports of Tianys. The lighthouse is a towering monument, powered with candles to warn ships of shallow water and sharp rocks. Beneath the lighthouse, a tunnel will take you into the heart of Tianys. Few know of its existence outside the royal family.
  • South Lighthouse – like its Northern counterpart, the Southern lighthouse is a beacon for ships to steer clear of shallow reefs. Beneath the South lighthouse, a tunnel will take you into a maze of warrens, built originally by dwarves and small in size, a human may need to crawl at times. If lucky you’ll resurface in The Vic and not ended up like one of the many skeletons that remain. A sure warning to those that venture into the top layers of the Underdark.
  • Emperor’s Palace – is heavily guarded and few are allowed in, to grace its wide white halls with long flowing curtains – without a prior invitation or summons. Locals line up outside in the hope to gain an audience with the Emperor or at the very least, one of his Council men.
  • Inwar Temple ?- the home temple to the god of Inwar, an ancient god remembered by most Sargasions for his blessed victories against the dwarves from Moradil. A high priest schooled in the art of war, stands at the top of the Inwar pecking order.
  • Taurus Temple – might sound like a bullfighter more than a temple. Those that offer a third of their weekly wage perished in a local fire, leaving the parishioners with a killer amongst their midst. ?Despite hiring local bouncers, the Taurus temple is the place to lose your things including shoes.
  • Scaticar Temple – is the only female run temple in Tianys. The temple is filled with musical sounds, choirs, instruments and chimes by the dedicated Priestess, her posy of oracles and hardcore followers.
  • Clear Water Oasis – Is not a place to easily get to. Purchase a city guide and you may discover yourself halfway to Celikor. The oasis is aptly rumored to have healing properties and if you drink enough from its bubbling mirth, it may even take a few years off your appearance and physical abilities.
An original map Sargaso showing the lay of the land including the two major cities of the Celikor Empire. The empire extends all the way to the bottom of Sargaso, along the coast line to Gollum’s hideout, up towards the eastern gulf below Elvenhome, across to Celikor and back along the western coastline to Tianys.

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