Types of Fantasy

Epic Fantasy: long stories that take with epic battles, quests, multi-themed and with many cultures and magical systems.

Mythic Fantasy: has a supernatural causality and usually involves mythology.

Fairytale Fantasy: stories based on fairy tales that involve a magical causality.

Gothic Fantasy: explains strange (weird) events. It has the Gothic elements of human fascination and fear of unknown, suspense and tension, mysterious settings and twisted plots.

Science Fantasy: offers a scientific explanation for other world and treats magic as a science.

Heroic Fantasy: (Sword and Sorcery) deals with a totally invincible hero or one that fights as a mercenary. The hero is proficient with a weapon and has no special abilities except strength and courage. The plot is purely entertainment with no major themes.

Historical Fantasy: use a historical period or event that involves magic or other fantasy elements, which takes place in our world in the past.

Mythopoetic Fantasy: involves good and evil locked in a struggle that is waged with supernatural powers. It deals with events that, however important they seem to the participants, are but a skirmish in the eternal conflict. These stories usually take place in a modern setting into which intrude Arthurian characters or relics such as the sword Excalibur. These fantasies lead their protagonist on a journey of self-discovery that brings pain as well as joy.

Ghost Fantasy: fantasies in which a ghost takes active involvement in the story.

Modern Fantasy: stories in which magic and supernatural creatures exist in our modern day world.

High Fantasy: seems to be the combination of stories of magic, elves, scorcerors and dragons, usually set in a medieval era.

Dark Fantasy: usually includes vampires, werewolves, and other stuff to do with blood-letting.

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