Undertakers of Lotuvira

Within the walls of Lotuvira on the continent Finaru, nestled between an inn and the sweet smells of a French pastry shop is the home of two sisters and a brother, the infamous Undertakers of Lotuvira.

Entering through the front door to the heavy scent of perfumed roses, your eyes will alight upon the many assorted grave stones and statues, many chiseled and etched by the delicate hand of sister, Chessintra. Should you be in need of organising a funeral or memorial, then cast your eyes across the Undertakers catalogue to find the service you desire.

If you are unfortunate enough to enter through the rear doors, rest assured the remains of your earthly body will be handled with care inside the mortuary. If your soul remains, it will be guarded by the Undertakers until it passes freely into the afterworld, Nightlands. No liability is accepted for missing parts.

Do not worry about the location of your deceased loved ones, the undertakers will travel across all the lands of Jacmus-Prime, from the North of Arydus, to the caverns of Southern Sargaso.? They not only care for the dead, but for your convenience as well.

Common currency is an acceptable means of payment, though often the Undertakers will require a unique service, or item for their labors.

The Undertakers of Lotuvira can look after all your funeral needs

Catalogue of Undertaker Services

Prime Services

  • Funeral by Burial
  • Funeral by Pyre
  • Funeral by Sea / Water

Combinations of the above available

  • Memorial Only


  • Tomb Stones
  • Statues
  • Plot upon religious ground


  • Mummification
  • Frozen Internment


See also,? Book of the Dead? – A detailed catalogue of deaths, burials and memorials in Jacmus Prime.

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