Venuso – a cold land North of the equator

A bitter land of dark intrigue lies in the far North.

It is a barren wasteland of ice and tundra that leaves no power to those whose arms are not strong enough to defend it.

The land of Venuso
A bitter land of dark intrigue. Venuso is a continent that lies north of the equator.


Hardened, evolved races of troll, ogres, and even some adapted orc races to the cold weather. It is said that deadly creatures from the bowels of the earth rise from the snow peaked mountains of Venuso, though none have confirmed the unimaginable stories.

Those who go adventuring in the tallest caps of the Galercan Mountains rarely return to tell their tale of courage and desperation.

Here be Dragons!

Dragons, rare and ancient are known to lurk within the numerous caverns that lead deep within the earth. Almost as old as the very ice that hardens the once prosperous earth, their wisdom is often sort by those that have lost their way.

Dragons are a race at Jacmus Prime RPG
The wisdom of dragons is a dangerous affair.

Recent history

In recent history, a once powerful necromancer and demi god now laid to rest left the more base creatures of goblins and orcs without a leader.? The land was torn, the once prosperous port of Arydus in ruins, the ancient city of Wardoluf destroyed.

Weakened, the people of Venuso were eager to welcome a new leader into their mists.

Maximus Mason, Lord of Mordor taking advantage of otherworldly events, when eyes were drifting elsewhere, came and conquered the icy land with cunning words of hope and strategic manipulation.

Not every province of Venuso was so easily guided towards his rulership – another Kingdom, Letralt arose in the North Western lands of Venuso well before the Vampire disappeared along with his consort and Castle.


  • Arydus – Port city
  • Wardaluf – Ancient city in ruins
  • Letralt – Kingdom

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