Serenity Falls

Located south, south-east of the Hunters’ Lodge on the continent of Finaru, these waterfalls are a towering display of cascading waters. Serenity’s height stands well over a hundred yards as the misted spray permeates the land beneath.

Serenity Falls
The towering start of SerenityFalls

?Tis a tranquil abode for a few elves and Rocs of likeness- having been the location where the very first Roc was bonded to a two-legger.

Serenity Falls
More beautiful parts of Serenity falls.

Many a times do people across the land come to gaze at this place, enjoying it?s peaceful state of exquisiteness.

Waterfall Serenity
Clear blue waters allow visitors to partake in the water from Serenity.

Serenity falls lies within in a natural rainforest where there are well worn walk ways. It is the ideal place to find inner peace or to obtain exercise in its three hour round trip walk that takes in the beauty of Serenity falls

Many parts of the falls are accessible on horseback, however a carriage will not be able to survive the frequent steep inclines or narrow passages. If you intend to climb from the bottom all the way to the top, or from the top all the way to the bottom, you will need to leave your horse behind at some point. It is better to traverse the falls on foot.

Edible mushrooms and other fungi abound among the rainforest flora. A discerning eye for native species would be well regarded if you intend to dine, as poisonous varieties have a way of camouflaging themselves amongst their cousins.

Aside from the rocs, other wildlife can be found throughout the luscious rainforest.

A word of caution: Because of its tranquil nature, thieves, vagabonds and other unscrupulous characters have been known to hijack visitors on occasions.

The continent of Finaru
Waterfall of Serenity lies south south-east of the Hunters’ Lodge on the west coast of the continent, Finaru

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