World of Jacmus Prime

This is the world as we see it. It is not a fully explored world, nor is the land stagnate. It is a new world born from an old – a place of upheaval, uncertainty and many probabilities.

Jacmus Prime World Map
An original Jacmus Prime World Map. Red markings represent major cities.

Undiscovered Lands

Only a few have been brave enough to take to the seas to explore the domain of Jacmus Prime and fewer have returned. There are rumours of other mysterious lands both East and West that hold promises of freedom and riches.

The North is feared for its frigid temperatures and the south despised for the heat that rises up from the vast ocean that laps at the bottom of the founded continents. Some yarns believe that the Gods’ remains still exist but spread to the furthest four corners to the world.

The Discovered Continents

Jacmus Prime has three discovered continents

  1. Venuso
  2. Sargaso
  3. Finaru

All three continents are large land masses containing

  • Kingdoms,
  • Clans,
  • Cities, and
  • various Cultures.

Magic is rare, dispersed in objects made from the world.


Between these continents are a number of Islands, of which Sedian Isles is known to have thriving civilisations.


Beneath the soil and deep within the earthen crust lies a valley of cities and hidden civilisations. Home to many of the darker creatures of Jacmus Prime and especially appealing to Goblins, Orcs and Dark Elves.

The Underdark is a dangerous place to explore. Magic thrives here beneath the surface but can often combine to cause an explosive reaction.

Spiritual World / Other Planes

Jacmus Prime is not limited to a three dimensional image. Other planes exist within and around the world.

Nightlands is a pocket demi-plane existing within the Astral where the souls of the dead rise when released from the material world.

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