Iceglider (Character Race)

The Iceglider race is a not widely known even though they have inhabited North Venuso long before the God Wars. They are an endangered humanoid race thought to exist only in northern Venuso for their physical traits suit a cold climate and would be hindered in a warmer temperature. Unlike many races that have adapted … Read more

Dragons (Character Race)

Dragons are powerful large creatures that enjoy remote destinations and the bitter cold winds of Venuso. Dragons’ appearance Covered in a thick reptilian skin that is often layered with large colourful scales like an exotic fish, Dragons are extremely distinguishing and hardy.? Many Dragons have long necks that can stretch backwards?to touch the tip of … Read more

B?esctra’s Skull Bazaar

Painted lips curl into a sadistic sneer as you journey into the darkest bowels of the earth and into the very belly of hell where the painter of souls has made his home, a network of criss-crossing caverns and tunnels comprising a replica of the savage Underdark where the people the abomination had once called … Read more


A Squrg is found in the cool, misty climates of Jacmus Prime (southern Venuso and Northern ?Finaru) and are seen hovering over the landscapes just before dawn. This rather could be mistaken for a land loving sting-a-ray. Squrgs use there side flaps to hover about a metre to two metres over the earth but they … Read more


Extract from The Traveller’s Guide Roaming the land of Jacmus-Prime is a strange paradox that calls herself the Sphinx. She is, to the unknowing eye, a normal elven female; to those who possess the knowledge to recognize her, however, she is a creature of both fascinating mystery and unfathomable power. Even I cannot deduce her … Read more


Sandworms are a rare cold blooded creature that can be found in the deserts of Sargaso. Burying deep beneath the sands, or lying in the hot sun, these worms can grow up to 600 feet long, with their body a diametre of about 1.5 metres when in a relaxed state. Sand worms are not vegetarians, … Read more


In the snowy mountain peaks of Venuso, deep in the recesses of frozen rock, there rest forgotten lairs of the Ryken. These nests host the foulest, most ferocious birds that exist within Jacmus-Prime — evils that are best left alone. Do not let their appearance fool you. To the unknowing eye, they look to be … Read more

The Crusaders Clan

Locked away in the stones, the Magic is still accessible to humanity. The previous abuses are not safeguarded against. One small group of honorable men?is dedicated to ensuring that it does not abuse again. The Crusaders are trained from the time they are seven, taken away from family and friends, sworn to the blade and … Read more


Shrikes are a fierce preparatory hunting bird. Shrikes measure up to three feet in height and have been occasionally been used for hunting, though they are difficult to train and impossible to truly tame. Ferocious fighters, they were rumored to have been used to hunt men in the barbaric days of the old. They are … Read more


Rocs are the largest bird in the known world. With a wingspan in excess of thirty feet and the ability to carry several grown men, the birds are one of the most reliable trackers around. The massive birds eyes can spot things from miles off. Rocs come in a variety of colors, from a light … Read more