Elemental Book of Zypher (Air)

Before using the elemental spell books you will need to learn about?elemental magic?and which Zypher spells are available to the elemental path that has been chosen. Only a very experienced elementalist can create Zypher spells outside of those in the elemental books.

Air Spell: Zephyr

Ingredients: White sand, Shrike feather.

Procedure: Dust a shrike feather in white sand, then gently wave it in the desired direction.

Result: A light, refreshing wind will be summoned, ranging to a swift wind. The success of this air spell depends on the amount of will and proficiency of the caster.

Air Spell: Stagnate

Ingredients: Any igneous rock.

Procedure: Massage any igneous rock, common stones found all over the land, between your palms, channeling the sensations through your wrist veins, focusing it on intended target.

Result: The target will suffer weakened breaths, the air in his lungs stale, low in oxygen. Causes heavy disorientation and temporary weakness of mind and body. Any falter in concentration will cause the air about the caster to grow stagnant.

Air Spell:Levitate

Ingredients: Roc feather.

Procedure: Rub a Roc feather between thumb and forefinger, concentrating on feeling your body become light.

Result: Your body will slowly drift up to six inches from the ground, and float forward, or backwards at a slow walking pace. If concentration is even momentarily lost, the caster will fall. This is bad if you are levitating over a body of water, or a chasm. Very bad.

Elemental Book of Zypher - Air
It takes a great deal of time and study to learn from each book, and none are wise or passionate enough to extend themselves fully into each element.

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