Zyvois – Former Capital of Kingdom of Dymises

The former capital of the now defunct Kingdom of Dymises, Zyvois trades with Moradil much the same as the Southern kingdom Cer-Kahrin, though it had far fewer ships in its fleet, and not nearly as impressive a selection of goods to market.

The city was predominantly human, though a small number of kobolds, goblins, and trolls were known to appear on the outskirts of the city – assembled as paid mercenary armies of the Dymises Kingdom..

During the dynasty of Dymises, the city became extremely run down, the annual funds for repairs to the buildings and streets too low to improve the effects of time and weather upon the land.

Ghost town ruins
Zyvois is a ghost town full of ruins, left behind by the Kingdom of Dymises which sucked the life blood from the land all that worshipped their dark god.

The Emperor of the Kingdom was always a large religious figure in the community. It was said the Emperor was one who chosen by Dymises himself, and granted with foresight and wisdom beyond other men.

The streets of Zyvois were patrolled more by thieves and rogues by night than city guards – though by day the city is peaceful, a facade the opportunistic criminals use to shield their business.

With the fall of the Kingdom of Dymises, Zyvois fell. The Kingdom though as old as Cer-Kahrin seemed to doomed from the start.

Like the people who accepted Dymises as their God, the land too became withered, decaying like its people. ?The rot that spread from the people into the land, added to further challenges for Zyvois could not keep its granary storage or water reserves at adequate levels. It was not long before the people of Zyvois were parched, hungry and riddled with lice and maggots that festered in open wounds, much like the ground the Zyvoisens attempted to farm.

The people of Zyvos were little more than flesh and bones
The people of Zyvos were little more than flesh and bones when IteoR came upon them.

Crops became ruined, water wells dried up.

When the massive well fed armies of IteoR came across Zyvois ‘s people were resigned and almost welcoming of the future. There was little fighting and many chose instead to lie down and wait for death to find them so they could enter the world of the Gods, with zero compassion for anyone who worshipped fake gods.

The continent of Finaru
Finaru competes with Sargaso as one of the most prosperous of continents. The Kingdom of IteoR used to be the Kingdom of Dymises with the capital Zyvois.

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